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Paris, France

Quentin de Pimodan

Freelance writer, book series about street art in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Arabian Gulf) :
ex-Nane edition (Paris based publishing house)

Papers in French and English


Le stylo, symbole de pouvoir

Les chefs d'Etat font-ils partie d’un club qui vise le contrôle du monde par le stylo? Y a-t-il dans le stylo un pouvoir puissant que la plèbe ne soupçonne pas? Est-ce un objet de culte, un accessoire sexuel ou une représentation du pouvoir?


Quentin de Pimodan

For several years, I worked at Nane Editions, a French publishing house that focuses on explaining national and international administrations to young audiences. At Nane, I wrote and co-wrote 6 books whose topics included the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Gendarmerie Special Forces and also the French National Police (

For two years, I traveled the GCC countries with a photographer to document the works of more than 20 Urban Artists in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The result of this project is a 6 book series describing the societies through the eyes of these border pushing artists. (

I lived in Sana'a, Yemen, in 2008 for a year. I worked in Kuwait for several months in 2006, on the World deepest onshore rig at the time.

I have been published by Slate France, Brownbook Dubai, RIEAS Athens, Red Bull Bahrain ( and have also been featured by Foreign Policy's Situation Report (, and on Pr. Joshua Landis' Syria Comment (

I created a blog called Watch Ducks, which compares the views of various journalists' on important and polarizing international issues.

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