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Quentin de Pimodan

Freelance writer, book series about street art in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Arabian Gulf) :
ex-Nane edition (Paris based publishing house)

Papers in French and English


The age of the Prince

A lot has been said already regarding the sudden yet expected dynasty turnover in Saudi Arabia, with the nomination of King Salman’s son as the new Crown Prince in place of his nephew Mohammad bin Nayef (MbN). But is his age a disadvantage? Link to Story

#QatarCrisis, l’Arabie Saoudite a beaucoup plus à perdre dans ce bras de fer que le Qatar.

L’Arabie s’est engagée dans un bras de fer avec son turbulent voisin. Elle a très largement remporté la première manche à grands renforts d’alliés et de couverture médiatique négative sur le Qatar en Occident. Certes, son accusation de support de terrorisme décochée à l’égard du Qatar ne dupe personne, mais c’est dans un combat fratricide des plus risqués qu’elle s’est aventurée dont la seule issue est la victoire totale par assujettissement du voisin ou, la mort… Link to Story


Quentin de Pimodan

For several years, I worked at Nane Editions, a French publishing house that focuses on explaining national and international administrations to young audiences. At Nane, I wrote and co-wrote 6 books whose topics included the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Gendarmerie Special Forces and also the French National Police (

For two years, I traveled the GCC countries with a photographer to document the works of more than 20 Urban Artists in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The result of this project is a 6 book series describing the societies through the eyes of these border pushing artists. (

I lived in Sana'a, Yemen, in 2008 for a year. I worked in Kuwait for several months in 2006, on the World deepest onshore rig at the time.

I have been published by Slate France, Brownbook Dubai, RIEAS Athens, Red Bull Bahrain ( and have also been featured by Foreign Policy's Situation Report (, and on Pr. Joshua Landis' Syria Comment (

I created a blog called Watch Ducks, which compares the views of various journalists' on important and polarizing international issues.

For example:

Economic Crisis: Spending Cuts or Cast Austerity Away?

Did Arab Spring Kill Secularism? (

Arab Spring: US Neocons’ Domino Theory over Iraq?

Peak Oil: Plot or Pain? (

Israel-Palestine: Is a bi-national state conceivable? (